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Cost of QEEG/Brain Mapping
Use of Insurance
The cost of a qEEG assessment (which includes a clinical interview, qEEG/brain mapping, follow-up consultation, and potentially brief cognitive testing (e.g., computerized
attention testing) is $650. Clients are also provided with a complimentary Neurofeedback session immediately following the qEEG assessment.
As noted above, clients receive a complimentary Neurofeedback session immediately following the qEEG/Brain Mapping session. Additional Neurofeedback sessions are
$150 per session after that. Sessions last approximately 50 minutes. Depending on the condition, clients often reach their goals within 25-30 sessions (although optimal
length of treatment is variable). Most clients attend sessions 2-3 times per week. Symptom monitoring is conducted through the use of follow-up qEEG assessments (the
latter of which can document changes in neurological functioning related to Neurofeedback, as has been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies), and sometimes
through repeat cognitive testing and/or behavioral questionnaires.
Cost of Neurofeedback Sessions
Although our office is not contracted with insurance companies, we are happy to provide clients with a superbill for neurofeedback sessions (CPT code: 90901). If you
contact your insurance company to inquire about coverage, Dr. Baker's NPI number is 1487868436. Insurance companies do not typically reimburse for the qEEG
assessment unless it is a medical necessity for a condition such as epilepsy (which is typically done by a neurologist). However, as part of the qEEG assessment, Dr. Baker
typically bills for a total of four hours of Diagnostic Interview and Psychological Testing, which is often reimbursable to clients. Although insurance companies do not
always reimburse for neurofeedback sessions, at times they are covered.

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